Helping you cut through the sales and technical jargon to really understand what's on offer.

Choosing a piece of software can be a daunting task, full of buzz words and confusing jargon, we can help to guide you through this process making it as painless as possible. We work with you to firstly understand you requirements then we sit with you in pitch meetings to listen and interpret what they are trying to tell you, we ask the right questions to get you the answers you need.

After the meeting we will provide full feedback on our thoughts about the software and draft a follow up email for you to send to them to get the more technical and in-depth questions answered.

Video Call
Remote Advocate

If you need us to sit in on a call to interpret and offer advice we can do this for a slightly reduced rate.

On site
On-site Advocate

Want us on-site for pitch meetings and preperation this is also fine for our normal rate.