Helping your business make the right decisions at the right time.

Our experience over the years with many different companies, vendors and our passion for what we do makes us great consultants to have on your side when you are looking to purchase software or pick a vendor. Engaging JRTSOFTWARE as a consultant for your business means you will get someone Technical to help you to make informed decisions on the vendors you work with, we also bring with us our own vendor experiences which may help you to shortlist possible vendors.

We are able to provide a range of different consultancy services including software market research to identify your best options, attending vendor pitch meetings to try and get the technical information out of the vendor you need to know to make sure they are perfect for your business or as a advocate for your company through the development stages of a project.

Video Call
Remote Consultancy

We can join you from our offices over video or phone to contribute to pitch meetings or to discuss our findings.

Onsite Consultancy

Want to meet us in person, we can come to your office and get really involved with your team.

Written Report
Written report

If you just want our opinion in written form we can provide this also, you will receive a comprehensive report of our findings and if suitable recommendations.