Raffall Chrome extension

We have created an app that helps you to use the Raffall website. By installing this chrome extension you supercharge your efficiency when browsing th site. Including features like customisable ordering, completed Raffall filtering and the super helpful remaining ticket total and percentage so you can keep track of a Raffalls progress.

Not only do we give you the above for free, if you sign up as a premium member you get the added benefit of being able to see the ticket sales of Raffalls you have yet to enter, helping you to pick the right Raffalls to enter to maximise your chances of winning or seeing a Raffall through to completion.

Chrome Web Store

You can access our latest Chrome Extension in the Chrome webstore, click the button to be taken to there and start enjoying the benefits

What is Raffall

Raffall is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Raffle Platform, it has made waves recently with a string of successful property raffles so we were asked by one of our friends (@PrizeRoulette) who were trying to use the platform to make a few things easier and better for them. We had a look, used the site a bit ourselves then set out building this tool.